Benefits and Features

Our tech will make your dealership’s marketing efforts more efficient and more profitable.

Save Thousands

Our platform saves the average dealership 15+ hours per month and thousands in related marketing expenses. We focus on efficiency to make your dealership more profitable.

Improve Conversion Rates

User experience is everything when it comes to a high performing marketing strategy. With our platform you can deliver a world class experience for your prospective customers.

First to Market

By removing the friction points that currently exist with updating your marketing offers and related assets your dealership will be live with your new deals in seconds instead of days. Be first to market every, single, time.

Reliably Consistent

Eliminate costly errors and rest assured knowing that all of your marketing efforts are working together to achieve maximum results. Always consistent, all the time.

Offer Management

Easily manage offers directly in our platform or configure automation rules to sync offers with your region. You can complete everything from within AutoSigma in seconds to ensure you’re first to market every time.

Drag & Drop Design Editor

Your offers automatically create nearly every asset type imaginable. From website creative to Facebook Ads, from Google Ads to direct mail, save tons of time & money. Plus, you can easily customize your assets ensuring you stand out from the competition.

Auto-Publish Your Assets

Sync all of your designs & assets to the mediums & placements of your choosing. For offline mediums, your assets will be created and ready for download or distribution to your media partners.
“AutoSigma allowed my dealership to reduce my advertising expenses and target specific market area’s better than ever before. Awesome team, Awesome support.”

Sarah Jennings - Marketing Director

Approval Management

Easily manage internal & external approvals for all your marketing assets. Collaborate with other team members and various stakeholders to ensure your ads are compliant.

Website Specials Manager

Manage your website specials for new, pre-owned, service, and parts/accessories all from one easy to use platform. These high converting website pages are included with your subscription.
AutoSigma Specials
AutoSigma Single Model Page

Dedicated Landing Pages (DLPs)

Manage high performing landing pages to be used on your website and in your marketing campaigns. These landing pages will improve your website conversion rates and provide a smooth user experience.

More Features

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Enhanced Integrations

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