Excellence in all we do

Autosigma is an automotive technology company that is obsessed with helping dealers streamline their marketing efforts with a focus on efficiency and maximizing their ROI.

Forged in the Fire of Automotive

AutoSigma was founded by both dealership & agency personnel. We’ve been on both sides of the aisle so we know the grind, we’ve lived it. It’s at the core of everything we do at AutoSigma.

A Focus on Efficiency

AutoSigma realized the need for dealerships to be more efficient with their marketing dollars. Speed to market and agility is of utmost concern in this ever changing environment. This led to the birth of AutoSigma, a game-changing software platform that brought automated asset generation and distribution to the automotive world in a big way.

Powered by Software, Driven by People

When we combined our passion and talent for automotive digital marketing with our proprietary technology platform, AutoSigma, we created something unstoppable.